Name City of Driscoll Police Impound Auction
Auctioneer John Sisk Auctioneers, Inc.
Date(s) 1/9/2021
Live Only Auction January 9th, 2021 - 10am CST
Preview Date/Time Preview will be Friday, January 8th 2021 - 10am -4pm CST Saturday, Sale Day ; 8AM-10AM Auction Starts at 10AM CST
Checkout Date/Time January 9th 2021 - 12 Noon - 5pm
Location 130 West Ave D
Driscoll, TX 78351
Buyer Premium 10% Buyers Premium in effect
Auction Terms & Conditions **NOTICE: This catalog is meant merely as a guide. The Auctioneer does not warrant the description, make, model, year, Vin #, or condition of any of the lots specified herein. An Inspection time has been provided for your own determinations. 1. You are attending this auction at YOUR OWN RISK. Neither the Auctioneer nor the City of Driscoll assumes any responsibility for injury while on these premises. 2. As a Registered Bidder, you are responsible for all Terms and Conditions. Announced Terms supercede all written ones. If you are late in Registering or didn't listen to the announced Terms, you are agreeing to the Terms in their entirety even though you didn't hear or chose not to listen to them. 3. The Auctioneer is in full control of the auction and reserves the right to settle all disputes between bidders. Bid Increments are at the discretion of the Auctioneer. This is to keep the sale moving along. 4. All items sold here today are "AS IS-WHERE IS". No guarantee is expressed nor implied. The List is provided, it is for your convenience, and mistakes in typing occur. It is up to YOU during the specified INSPECTION TIME to determine the YEAR, MAKE, MODEL and CONDITION of the Car or Item you're bidding on. NO REFUNDS will be made because of faulty information either written nor announced by the auctioneer. Runs means the vehicle was Started, on the day we took pictures, Odometer is what the Reading Shows on the vehicle. 5. We accept CASH, LOCAL CHECKS (Names and Addresses on Checks MUST match name and address on Drivers License or we will not take it-No Exceptions! ) and MONEY ORDERS & CREDIT CARDS (MasterCard, Visa & Discover). ALL MEXICO BUYERS ARE CASH ONLY. Make Checks payable to: The City of Driscoll. All other checks Must be accompanied by a Bank Letter of Credit made out to the City of Driscoll for this Sale. 6. ALL MONEYS MUST BE RECEIVED WITHIN 30 MINUTES OF THE CLOSE OF THE AUCTION-NO EXCEPTIONS. FAILURE TO COMPLY WILL CAUSE A FORFEIT OF PURCHASES, BARRING FROM ALL FUTURE SALES, AND LEGAL CHARGES BEING FILED AGAINST YOU. The City may at its discretion, resell such property at public or private sale and the buyer shall be required to pay any loss or expense incurred therein, including Attorneys Fees and Court Costs. (Section 2 of the Texas Business and Commerce Code) The City will prosecute to the maximum penalty allowed by law, anyone writing NSF HOTCHECKS). NOTICE: DO NOT LEAVE THESE PREMISES BEFORE PAYING FOR YOUR PURCHASES 7. A Buyers Premium IS in effect on ALL SALES today of 10%, here is an example: If the item sells for $1,000.00 Add 10% Buyers Premium 100.00. Total to pay is $1100.00 Buyer Pays Sales Tax on the Total when he registers is title. 8. Vehicle Titles and Auction Sales receipts will be made out Only to the name in which you registered in. If you want a different name you need to tell the clerks now before the auction begins. On Auction Sales Receipts, you have 20 days to take it to the County Court House (AFTER 20 DAYS YOU WILL BE CHARGED LATE FEES), pay your fees, and receive a clear title. If you lose the paperwork it will cost you $25.00 to get a new one. We keep records for three years only. Make SURE BEFORE the auction begins your bid number Represents the way you want the titles made out. 9. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE ANYTHING FROM ANY VEHICLE OR THE POLICE WILL BE CALLED. 10. You will have until 5 pm Monday to remove your vehicle from the yard. If a longer time is needed we will work with you but you must make arrangements, otherwise your vehicle will be towed back in the POUND and you'll have to pay all fees. If a vehicle is left on the premises, YOU are responsible for it. The CITY is NOT responsible for any theft or whatever that can happen to it if left. 11. This Auctioneer is Licensed & Regulated by the State of Texas and operates under a State Issued Recovery Fund that protects both the buyer and seller from fraudulent and inappropriate actions by this auctioneer. This auctioneers License #7425. Information concerning this Recovery Fund or this auctioneer may be obtained by contacting the State Department of Licensing and Regulation, P.O. Box 12157, Austin, Tx 78711 or by calling 512 463-2906. This does not imply endorsement by the State of Texas. 12. PLEASE DON'T BOTHER THE CLERK(S) ON THE TRUCK 13. Please do not remove trash from vehicles and throw it on the ground. 14. All sales are recorded manually and electronically. 15. Any Item may be pulled or released up until Auction time. --------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------ Terms Of Use

Seller User Terms

Bidder User Terms
Currency USD
Buyer Premium 10% Buyers Premium in effect
Payment Terms
Cash, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, Local Check if the address on your check matches your Drivers License
No Shipping/Vehicles must be picked up by Monday, Sept 25th, 5pm